Key Features

  • touch screen phone

    Optimized for Smart Phones

    Interface optimized for touch screen smart phones like iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

  • users

    One License for Unlimited Users

    Being a web-app, you buy the MantisTouch license once and it's automatically available to all your users. No need to buy an app per user.

  • security


    MantisTouch support https protocol to encrypt all requests from users to MantisTouch to MantisBT.

  • source code included

    Source Code Included

    The MantisTouch license includes access to source code allowing customization to your own needs.

  • MantisBT integration

    MantisBT Integration

    Visiting MantisBT (v1.2.9+) with a mobile device can auto-redirect to MantisTouch.

  • manage issues

    Manage Issues

    View, create, update and delete issues and their associated notes.

  • search

    Search and Filtering

    Ability to go to an issue by id and filter issues based on saved filters. Starting MantisBT v1.2.16+ there is support for standard filters like assigned to me, reported by me, monitored by me, and unassigned issues.

  • Attachments

    Preview and download attachments to your phone.

For more information, check the frequently asked questions.